I've finally decided on what rig I'd like to get. I love Kustom, but of course, I like to hear everyone's thoughts. My one question though, is if I have the 400W and the 250W cabs together with a 300W head, will it be okay for my 250W cab? Since I know that having a more powerful head can potentially damage the speakers.

http://www.kustom.com/product_detail.aspx?TypeID=6&FamilyID=93&ProductID=211&Tab=1 410

http://www.kustom.com/product_detail.aspx?TypeID=6&FamilyID=93&ProductID=209&Tab=1 115

http://www.kustom.com/product_detail.aspx?TypeID=6&FamilyID=92&ProductID=203&Tab=1 head
It will all be fine, remember 300 watts is only 300 watts at 4 ohms, at 8 ohms its more like 180-210 watts. So the 15 will be fine. I have no experience with Kustom so cant help you there.
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