hey so i dont really know a lot about recording, but i just wanna record me singing and playing guitar with a microphone. ive been using my laptop microphone but its obviously kinda ****ty quality. i own a good mic but the jack is the type that would plug into an amp (like the size of a normal guitar jack) i was wondering if anyone knows a way to connect this mic directly to my computor
The mic wont sound much better without a preamp,
I would suggest getting a nice little usb compatible pre-amp, and plugging it into the usb port on your pc.
o ok thanks. i actually already own preamp but it just has line in and out it doesnt have any usb, will that work too?
yeah, just run the line out of the preamp to the line in on your comp. It won't souind great but it will probably be better than what you are using now.
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