When I have me Guitars and Basses and Note books and Crap out, Id be playing Riffs and Writting them down, But I seem to be totally stumped on the Lyrical thing.

Im/Our band influenced on The Misfits and The Cramps.
But its not too late to Change our style aLittle bit and go for a more Punkier Greenday Kinda lyrics.

Iv done all the 'I dont give a F*** about F*** all ' In lyrics before..
But I Think its time for something new.

Crushes are just not our style. And going out getting Pissed nither.

So - ANY IDEAS? :]


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When I don't have any ideas i try looking in newspapers magazines and things to find something that i'd like to write about!!!
It's just an opinion might not work for you though...
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i like to just find different perspectives to write from....for example you wrote a song about not giving a **** about whatever...well you were writing in the mindset of a person that doesn't give a ****...

write about not giving a **** while being someone that does give a ****....or a passerby that witnesses the anarchy that is happening.

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