I bought a Jackson RR5 earlier this week from GAK.co.uk, and its arrived and i noticed that the ivory colour on the top of the body (pickup side) is a darker faded ivory white, and the rest of the body is bright ivory, its obvious that somewhere along the line its been sat in a window for sometime with direct sunlight. Is it worth ending it back for a hopefully untainted replacement or is it something that most people wont notice? cos i ****in love it so far
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most people wont notice or care, if the finish bugs you that much then you should complain but if you love the guitar and the finish doesnt mean that much to you then keep it. i know im not afraid of damaging the finish on my strat. you could always just turn the guitar over and keep it by a window and fade the whole thing. lol
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Depends how much it's going to bother you really. I'd imagine that you are entitled to a replacement if you want it, but if you love the guitar you've got and it doesn't bug you too much, I'd just keep it.
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You should've at least got it cheaper for that, just consult them about it at least. What's the worst that could happen? They could replace it with a perfect guitar?
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