Hello people.

I need a tremolo pedal. I play teh bl00z.

Possible toanz to emulate: The Black Keys, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, or in general, that old school Ampeg/Fender/Gibson tremolo sound. In general, I want it to have the ability to go from a long and wavy setting to a short choppy one, with a very adjustable depth.

Price range I want to keep under 100 USD, but am willing to go over for the right pedal.

Have looked at so far:

Earthquaker Devices Hummingbird


Quote by Mitchell?
EHX Stereo Pulsar?

I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
Quote by Mitchell?
EHX Stereo Pulsar?

Does that allow you to run wet/dry?
**** if you are looking to run W/D/W or W/D then look for a used TC vintage tremolo...godly sound.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
^Will Do. I've yet to be disappointed with anything by TC.
EHX Pulsar, or save up a little more for a Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter.

I like the Pulsar, I love the Shape Shifter.

Another one to look at is the Cool Cat Tremolo. It's actually pretty decent.
Alright, since the Pulsar is teh cheap (and so am I) I'm going to go with that.
i dont know the pulsar sounds weird as a tremolo to me.

id go for the Seymour duncan.
I can recommend the Boss TR-2. Really solid pedal that gets the job done. might be better pedals out there but I love mine.

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Stereo Pulsar is awesome. Insanely versatile, which is good and bad. What i mean is it has so many tones, that the slightest movement of the knobs will sound very different. Love it.
Honestly, check out a Boss TR-2. Don't bash it till you've played it!


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^I'll definitely check that out, too. I don't run too many pedals, though, so I'd prefer true bypass.
Get a catalinbread semaphore! Those things are amazing.

Actually the TR-2 is certainly worth a shot, Boss bypass is fine (I would say almost unnoticeable) as long as your batteries aren't dead or you're using a power supply.


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