Hello everyone, I was just going to ask, if anybody has had experience buying gear from these guys before as I'm planning buying a new guitar from them.

Legit or scam? They have godly price rates for everything.

thanks in advance for the replies.
Totally legit from my experiences man. I bought a Schecter from them a year ago or so and it came in tune right out of the box.
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They are the biggest place to buy music in the world. They are not a scam. Of course I'm sure someone has had problems but I have had none. You don't have to order it from there though. Just print out the price and bring it to your music store and tell them you want the musicians friend price and usually they will match it.
Okay thank you guys i jsut havent bought gear off then net and wanted to know if they were 100% reliable, i think im going thru with my purchase now.
I bought my Epi Custom from them back in 97. Great experiance. I order picks and other simple things buy the dozen from there. Everythings always there promptly.
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I never had a bad experience with musicians friend. they do everything the way it should and needs to be done
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The only bad thing about musicians friend is they will send you something someone sent back without looking at it good sometimes. So sometimes you'll get a guitar that's set up horribly bad or someone put some crap strings on it. Which I always change anyway so no big deal. sometimes you might get a scratch but they check pretty good for that. I know my new RGT from there was one that was sent back.
Why you would question their legitemacy is beyond me....I've bought ALOT from them including my guitar which was over $500. Definitely no scam dude.
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Why you would question their legitemacy is beyond me....I've bought ALOT from them including my guitar which was over $500. Definitely no scam dude.

Yeah it seemed kinda stupid to me too. I don't see why anyone would think the leading music catalog could be a scam. A lot of people would be pissed if that was the case. That's never even crossed my mind.
MF is the biggest place to buy things related to guitars/basses and such around, definetly not a scam. A friend of mine bought an amp from them online and it showed up with no scratches/dents/etc. and was in perfect working order.
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Only prob I've ever had with them is that I tried to get a bass from them that was on back order, and I have a feeling they're never getting them in. Plus, I need to go to my bank and see if I was charged for it, because I think I was.

And of course they aren't a scam, they're the largest online musical instrument distributor in the world
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You will be fine ordering from Musicians Friend.

They are the ONLY online retailer I trust (besides used stuff from eBay)

I might order my next guitar online. After buying a G-400 from the "bad stock" at Guitar Center, it made me not want to buy cheaper guitars from Guitar Center because I can't trust floor models. Who knows what happened after all those kids played the guitars. Unless it is model that is not out in the open for everybody to play, I will probably buy online.
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they are one of the best music retailers.plus the have one the best costumer service team I have ever seen(google "musiciansfriend chat" and you can chat online with them)
i bought a fender bass once and i pulled it out of the box and scratched it on the giant staples. i traded it in for a new one. great site lol. the funny part was i didn't realize what i did til after i got my new bass. i thought it was their fault haha.
i'm about to order a pretty good sized shipment of gear from them. i've bought anything from picks to my amp from them. and i've been very pleased. great service and selection. but they don't sell enough fernandes guitars! :P

if you're going to order online, they are a very good way to go.
Where do you live? You'll get absolutely raped with brokerage fees if it's coming across the boarder.


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overall a great website, had a recent bad experience though. Sent me two bad amps back-to-back, both were obviously repackaged items. Customer service was horrible dealing with the problem. However, all the other times were quick and had no problems
Guitar Center owns MF. Its an online retailer, like amazon or anything like that. Of course they are legit. They are the largest online instrument catalog in the world.

Its like asking if walmart is legit.
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