so i've been playing for about 2 1/2 months now...but i didn't get really serious until about a month ago.

when i first started playing, i mostly worked on learning songs that i liked that were also easy to play (alot of clapton, john mayer, dmb). i also didn't play the electric at this time because for some odd reason i thought that electric was alot harder to play than acoustic.

however, what first inspired me to pick up the guitar was listening to satriani/vai/gilbert/petrucci so about a month ago, my brother gave me his old fender and i've been playing on that since.

my long time goal is to be able to play good covers of the above artists and eventually branch out and write my own material.

so about a month ago, i decided i was not progressing as much as i would like, so i decided to search for guides on practicing. well...i think i found the practice bible that everybody searches for....steve vai's 10 hour workout.

now i have a full time job so i can't practice 10 hours a day (or i would be exhausted in the morning and may screw up my surgeries)...but for the last month i've been practicing about 5-7 hours a day and following steve vai's 10 hour workout pretty exclusively.

a month later, i think i've progressed a tremendous amount. i started playing all the exercises at about 15-20 BPM with 16th notes and now i can play all the excerciese clean at 75-85 BPM with 16th notes up and down the entire neck. my technique has gotten alot better, i'm playing more accurately/faster than i was before, i've learned alot of scales and a moderate amount of music theory, etc etc.

however, what i'm worried about is i still don't know how to play a single song on the electric. i've still been playing songs on my acoustic (although alot less, i only spend about an hour playing songs now vs 4-5 previously) but i've been working mostly on speed/technique exercises on the electric.

i told my friend about my practice regime and he told me i was a complete moron for not playing any songs. he told me to go play some easy songs (he's mostly referencing at songs with mostly power cords and not really any technical stuff) and stop spending so much time on the exercises.

the problem is i really have little desire to play easy songs. i really want to be able to "shred" and play covers of my favorite artists and i don't really want to settle for anything less than that.

is it okay that i continue doing my practice routine until i'm fast enough to attempt at playing harder songs or should i stop spending so much time on scales/exercises and work on easy songs?

which way will i progress faster? i don't care if one way is harder than the other. i am determined to learn
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umm..5-7 for practise,after 2 months wow

just practise the songs,and maybe 1-2 hours steve vai poop
just learn those songs and master them
thats what i do
but we're all different
this may need a tl;dr
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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no **** nowa90 and your friend... you wont want 2 learn if you do what they say... do what your inspired by its the only way you will want 2/get good at something
Your speed technique practice is fine and dandy but you need to learn some easy songs as well before you start moving on up. its a matter of implementing any learned technique and finding its place in the complete structure of a song.

this is the most vague advice but balance them as much as possible... and you can even throw in some ear training which of course makes more sense to start off training on easy songs.you got to be able to play simply to shred.