Alright so a while back I got Sperzel locking tuners put on my guitar and upgrade the string gauge to heavies (12-56). I left the strings off for about a month and when I got a new job I finally bought some strings to put on the bitch. Before the action was super low and really nice to play, but today when I "attempted" putting on the strings (Same gauge of course!), something went wrong, the strings are pressed down really tight against the fret board. Tight enough that when i go to hear the sound of the string I can only hear the 22nd fret.

Should I keep tightening them, hoping that it evens out, or should I see a guitar tech? Note that I hardly even tighten them and it is tight against the fret board, I can't bend them or lift the string up much. Before I could tighten them up to pitch and the strings would still be loose and good for bends but now i lock the string and tune up only a little. I can't even tell if I'm tuning it right because all i hear is the 22nd fret ringing.

It's a Gibson SG, and I'm not really used to these locking tuners. I know how to change strings with them, I just don't understand why tuning it up now is so overly tight and I'm scared to break the strings, and even more scared to break the neck.
i'd just take it to a tech. leaving your strings off for a month and then trying to throw heavy strings like that on it is a recipe for crappy action/intonation. sounds like it just needs a good setup.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
The last time strings were on it was when it came back from the shop, when I raised the gauge and got locking tuners... but that was back in December.

Another $60 bones out of my pocket.

Thanks for the advice though!
that's an insane price for a setup, cost me $35 last time i got my guitar setup. i've since learned to set it up myself though and haven't had to spend any money on setups in a long time. good stuff to know, you should look into it.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Most likely as you had it apart so long the bridge was accidentally lowered. Its real easy to do on TOM bridges not being careful changing strings can screw the studs in or out. But going to .12s your gonna need to make adjustments anyways. If you havent learned how then it will be time for a trip to a tech.
Yeah dude, never leave strings off for longer than half a day to a few days IMO.
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a setup is $120 down here.
Thats why I learnt to do it myself and now I can charge $20 for a basic setup.
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Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
If it costs that much for a set up then would be a really good time to learn to do it yourself. And leaving strings off for long periods of time wont screw up a guitar. I left the strings off a neck thru carvin for over a year with no problems.
i'm going with the bridge thing

what exactly constitutes a setup?

intonation, new strings, truss rod adjustment?