Well its probably for the most obvious reasons you could imagine. It's right in front of your eyes, but your too narrow-minded to see it. If you have ever heard the saying "if a tree falls in the middle of a forest is it a sound?", this will sound familiar. There is no way to prove religion right or wrong, so my views are not based around challenging the average Catholic raised Christian. Therefore, I believe, along with most people, that religion is there to help guide you through your life, in the best way to benefit both you and your surroundings.
Now, for the reasoning behind my idea of a personal God, it is taking the obvious from all and piecing it together. If you notice, what you are reading right now, is only being read by you, and you alone (unless of course someone is reading over your shoulder). Whatever keyboard you are using is being typed by you alone, and any single object or sound or even feeling you get in your way is only being occupied or comprehended by you. Obvious. Now if you think about it, would this computer screen be seen if you weren't right there staring at it? Unless you consider trust and common a sense, then the facts prove that its not there. The minute you leave and this computer is left alone in your premises, it will not be seen, heard, felt, smelt, or tasted by anyone. Therefore, if it is not comprehended by any of the senses, is it there? Once again, if you consider there to be a sixth sense, a sense of trust and common sense, then you can answer yes. But as for me, following traditional facts, I believe with the five senses that it will not exist when I leave the room. This might sound ridiculous to you, but you really have to think about it.
Since I believe this, I am free to claim that when I am the only witness to a tangible item I am the one creating it, letting it be there. Does the computer you're typing on know that it's there? Can it feel, hear, touch, or see itself? Or is it you, the one that walked in the room and sat down in front of it, the one that brought life to it? Now, think about what I mean when I say "there". I am only defining my reality through the five senses, so in a way, this cannot be proven wrong logically.
So in the long run, believing that I create the world around me helps me feel that I am one and one is all, and that I am not just dust in the wind. You might say this will make me selfish, but with the idea of "being god", I do still believe all living lives are "god's" too, which might sound ridiculous. This is because of intermixing realities, the idea that other life can put objects to life also. This means that I would still feel compassion and the same respect you are told to feel in a normal, organized religion.
Now, you can say this is some new-age spiritual bull****, but religion always comes down to the same question- is this how I want to live my life? Do you really want to bow down to a book of laws the way normal society is written? Here's an idea, believe what you WANT to believe, not what everybody tells you to believe. Have fun with whatever religion your studying, beating yourself up when you feel you've done something "not right". But I am going to be living a dream.

i know its a lot to read, but i just find this to be the biggest s*** ever. and id like someone to debunk it logically for me so i can give the argument to the idiot who believes this.


And after reading the title I bet it wasn't worth anyone's time...
Any spelling or grammatical errors written above are because of my inferior brain to yours. Good job, you won life.
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i just find this to be the biggest s*** ever.

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