I learned the hard way

I played piano for 11 years and drums for 8 before guitar.

I was cocky and thought I could figure everything out on my own, I did not need to take lessons

I progressed pretty fast, musically.

I progressed slow technically (relative to how much I practiced)

It did not seem right....

until I Realized I had been holding the pick wrong for 7 years. It is a matter of opinion, but really I was holding it completely lopsided with no control

I now have to relearn my right hand picking technique. Hours on hours on end a day and It is like I have started over again at guitar

Its going to take at least several months to get to where I was prior.

Lesson: Don't think you are too good for guitar lessons!!!!
Tru dat.
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yep, very good point
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as in speed picking? your arms already know what theyre doing. you just need your hand to get used to the new position. it shouldnt take anywhere near months. but then again, how good did you consider yourself prior?
Amen brother. I've been teaching guitar for close to 20 years and I get students all the time that have been self taught. I almost always have to correct some part or parts of their technique.
You can teach yourself to a point. But by not taking lessons, you have no one to tell you what you're doing right or wrong.
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Lesson: Don't think you are too good for guitar lessons!!!!


evan a pro doesnt know it all.
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I'm 99% self taught, with the help of books and internet articles.

I got given a 'gift card' with 4 guitar lessons a while ago and i must say the 4 lessons were very helpful. The guy instantly picked up on a few things where he thought I could improve and also pointed me in the right direction for the future.

As it happened, after the 4 free lessons, I simply couldn't justify £13 for 30 mins.

But yeah, 'if you got the money' then do it. There is no shame in it, and it can certainly only help! But research your teachers first and ask around.
I did the same.

Only I did it even more crazy

I spent 1 entire summer holidays, in learning to pick with anchor, without anchor etc. And all picking types, because of that.

A bit waste of time, but ye it happens.

Good post TS.

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frankly i think everyone on here could use lessons
even if it's just to realise that it's not about learning to play faster than your friends
(really, it can be very humbling to be able to play every vai song perfectly and yet realise you're just a newbie in the world educated musicians)
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thats really cool that your admitting your mistakes. I have given up on myself with lessons for years now. God knows how many bad habits I developed since then.
yea dude, alot of people are in your situation. A guy came in for a lesson yesterday for a lesson after playing 3 years and I had to give him a picking technique overhaul. Another guy came in after playing something like 10 years (well, he owned the instrument, didnt play it very much) and was in the same situation.

And whenever I jam with people I notice that almost nobody has correct picking technique.
So dont feel alone, you can correct it.
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no offence but u dont need lessons in how to hold a pick... i dont take lessons, but i know plenty of ppl who do... soz if this offends you
It just depends how much you want to learn, im currently studying/taking lessons in Jazz theory and improvisation and i've been playing nearly 7 years. I mean if you only want to have it as a hobby and possibly get some band experience in as well, then lessons can be seen as optional.

It all depends on the player really, some people are just naturally inclined to do it by theirselves, and they normally end up fine.
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But I am too good for guitar lessons .

But seriously (well, more seriously), you were holding the pick wrong for seven years?!? How?

lol well I realized it was impossible for me to do pinch harmonics since I could not physically choke up enough on the pick with my picking style. The way I hold the pick is it just horrible for playing metal and progressive death metal (lots of pinch harmonics/shredding). If I was playing blues or jazz I do not think it would matter.

But yeah, I am on week 3 of practicing with the new picking style. It still feels like I am a LONG way off from getting to where I was at