so i've started doing some tapping, and i've noticed a ringing from some of the open strings, or from the strig i'm tapping with, like it's coming from the other side of the string. is there something you can attach to your guitar to mute all, in my case, seven strings. i need something about two inches wide. thanks in advance!
scunchy i think they're called
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i tried that, it puts two much pressure on the outside strings, makes it go up a fret, and not enough on the middle strings so they ring open.
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scunchy i think they're called

Yeah, the fuzzy kind, not sure if the Klean-Axe String Dampeners are still being sold or if they have a 7-string model.
i play on a Schecter Diamond seven, and it has a neck thats larger than most sevens, around the size and width of a eight.
hair tie? good trick pal!
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any other ideas? i'm tempted to just make a dampening thing with some wood, foam, and i hair tie. i'd rather not though.