So yea, there might of been a thread on them, but its probably over a year old or something.

But who likes them they USE to be a good Hardcore band, their sound changed and their newest album "Supremacy" is pretty weak, though "Under The Knife", "Satisfaction", and "Perseverance" are really good albums.

I've been intro them for about 3-4 years, seen them 7-8 times.

But I'm seeing them Sunday in Mass with no barricade.

Which is different for them because they've "made it".

But yea I'm just going through their good albums, and i remember how awesome they are, and I'm just trying to see if anyone agrees with me.
They are a ****ing classic. Probably the band that got me into hardcore
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Quote by Hcmanu
They are a ****ing classic. Probably the band that got me into hardcore

I can probably say the same thing!
I saw them on one of their headlining tours once. The show comprised of System of a Down fans head-banging and ****ty hardcore kids attempting to dance. Altogether, not much fun. I don't mind the first album they put out though.
So i just saw Hatebreed last night, with some local bands and this one band "Price of Pain" which had the vocalist from Death Threat, and they were pretty sick.

But yea i saw them in Springfield Mass at Fat Cats, which was a small venue for Hatebreed, I'm use to seeing them with a place with a lot of security and a barricade. But this show was off the hook, they play through all of "Satisfaction" and "Under The Knife" 2 songs from "Perseverance" and they covered "Set it Off" by Madball.

Best Hatebreed show ever. I knew the words to like every song, and i was up there screaming them. Was anyone from UG there?
Satisfaction is one of the albums that got me into guitar based music again.
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Yea you don't know how awesome it was to hear the whole album live, usually they'll play Empty Promises,Last Breath, Driven by Suffering, and another song or two. But my favorite songs besides Empty Promises are Burn The Lies and Puritan, and hearing them live was just amazing.

They also played Kill an Addict, which they said they haven't played in over 6 years which was cool.
the hatebreed thread only has 10 replies wtf guys ahahaha, anyways solid band love em
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