Hi UG, i was just wondering how you guys get your solo's to actually sound like solo's instead of just sounding like a complicated bass line?
Like what scales etc and stuff, i usually just ***** the blue's scale but that doesn't really make it sound solo-like.

Kind of like the middle to end of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PAZNQyqxUM but in time.
Anyway, that's it pretty much.
I'm not going to use your example, because i'm not too familiar with it (although, I dig that tone). For me, I feel Dream Theater would be a good example. Dance Of Eternity bass solo = complicated bassline, no where near interesting and pretty teribble sounding (I'm sorry Mr Myung, I do love you), then Metropolis bass solo is a perfect example of making a solo work.

Why do I feel it works? I think you have to keep some low end aswell as higher notes. Keep it very rhythm based, build up the solo with the other instruments around you, cut through with mids and dont keep it going too long.

Scales, technique, style, etc? Symphony X's bassist(s) have used a lot of harmonic minor in bass solos, I feel if done correctly you get a very 'classical' and 'defined' sound from it. Tapping is always nice, not always the fast, wankery tapping but melodic tapping (John Myung, Stu Hamm, Jeff Schimdt, Michael Manring).

...Or just use over powering distortion and a wah pedal wanking on the minor scale *I'm joking Cliff fans!*
I'm having trouble getting my bass lines to not sound like solos.
I just improvise all my bass lines anyway.
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Try not to do alot of notes crammed together. If you extend some of your notes, letting them ring out it will sound more like a solo. I also didnt watch the video, though because it was loading way to slow, but I hope I helped.
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