I seem to be stuck with only assuming chords are the only things you can use to make a rhythm. I know their not, but everytime I listen to music I just assume it more than anything else, and the lack of a proper rhythm guitar section really throws my terrible music writing off track. SO I need to know what you guys think I should do to get myself used to it. Any music or anything?
Upload a GP file or something here, and we can help. Depends what genre really.
hey i have the same prob somewhat but different, which i blame me for, i feel like when i sing and play a song i wanna rhythm in the word syllables or the drum beats or keyboard sounds too, so GP i'm gonna assume is Guitar Pro, so if i upload a GP file it's not gonna need any software or anything??
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Oh yeah, and my genre....well I don't know exactly. I don't stick to one thing. I like to experiment. A lot. Almost to the point that my music sounds like garbage. Which it is. I can upload an example of what I did for the Rhythm. But beware. I used Harmonics (Natural ones) in the song, to help the rhythm! I don't know I don't normally see this, so it may be because it sounds bad? idk.
The song is in my profile, It's called Closing Time. The other one is just for two friends of mine, and it's just a bass solo'd song. Keep in mind, I haven't hit a year with either of my instruments yet, so It still sounds generally bad, unless you like music that sounds like it's generally coming from a 2 year old. Or you can insult my music if you want, I honestly don't care.
listen to james hetfield he's good rhythm with riffs instead of chords
If you want good ideas of rhythms in terms of rock/metal, Look at Metallica (James Hetfield) or Megadeth's stuff (Dave Mustaine does play lots of rhythm, but lead parts too - It's kinda weird that band, there is no set lead or rhythm guitarist really). You could also look at some of the early black metal bands such as Mercyful Fate to get an idea of some riffs again from a different genre.
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