Alright, Incase some of you dont know, I love my V to death.When I saw this I knew I had to have it, but after reading reviews about how bad it is, I deided not to.Then I realized guitars could be modifyed.That changed everything.Now I have never modifyed a guitar before, But I know that my dad has many friends that are professional guitars, And I'm sure if I just asked someone he knew I could get some help with installing stuff.So i was thinking of, Addind new pickups, I dont really know much about pickups and if they'll fit, but it would be cool to put a burstbucker in here.Also, I'd like to get some half decent Grover tuners in this guitar.I dont mind if it goes out of tune every now and then, It just can be really bad. Also, Has anyone had experiance with this guitar? Now finally, Since active pickups need a good amp, wich can be located in my basement only, so I'm not going to just play this in my basement to get a great sound, what other pickups would be good? How about Duncans, or a Gibson pickup?

that is the guitar link.I'm hoping to find one at a good price on ebay/craigslist.
Quote by burnboy85
But I know that my dad has many friends that are professional guitars

They're guitars? What brand? =o
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