Hey guys whats going on!!

I've been reading alot about the tube screamer.
I have a Mesa Triple Rec, and I have heard that the Ibanez TS9 can tighten and clean up your distortion pretty well. I'm thinking about this, but I'm wanting some opinions.

would that be a good decision?
It would probably be worth a shot, considering the somewhat flubby low end of the Triple Rec.
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TS works great! I got one on my DR. They really get some of the flub out of the rectos. And ever since I've done that don't need as much gain on the amp. It really tightend it up.

The best way to use it is to leave the gain all the way down set the level on around 3 O'clock and EQ to taste.
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Thanks man. I read some articles and it seemed to help them with their mesa tone. So I'd figure I would give it a shot. The mesa is a great amp but it has just a little loose in teh distortion, unless kranked up at a volume that gets the amp to it's potential. Thanks for the tip and opinion.

btw do you think a marshall 1960a cab would work well with it? I've heard some good things about it.
The new Ibanez TS9s have pretty bad reputation though, as they are now made with inferior IC chips and poor parts.

I would suggest looking for a Maxon OD-808 or perhaps a Maxon OD9.

Maxon made Ibanez's pedals until recently, and did so with much greater quality parts. It may also be cheaper as well.
Or the Bad Monkey.

It's better for boosting amps distortion than the TS, and its half the price.
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Out of curiosity, what rectification mode are you running on that amp?
TS9 should do fine for your needs. I've played it and it sounds okay. A Maxon OD808 would be better though.
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Use solid state diode rectification.

People are constantly bashing Mesas for loose tone and flabby bass. Well if you're running tube rectifiers, no ****. Any amp using tube rectification is going to have sag, and a looser tone. Just change it to solid state rectification and it tightens up a lot.
thanks for the tip man. I'll have to try that. It's a great amp but it takes some tweaking to get it to it's sweet spot.