Hey everybody, this is an intro to a song im writing. What I basically did was I came up with a chord progression and built the bass and guitar to fit that. I think it's working pretty well so far It's supposed to sound ambient and then progress into a heavier piece but that'll come later. Anyway, check it out and tell me what you think If you want me to crit one of yours in return I'd be glad too
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I recommend using a closed hi-hat for this, as the open hi-hat kind of ruins the whole feel. since this is simple and short I don't have much to comment on besides the progression.

Good choices of chords, expected, but good choices.

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Nice chilled out piece. Liked the bass apart from bar 18 and the drums didn't really fit the feel of it I didn't think. I too would say to use closed hats. Liked it overall though Would like to hear it finished too. Good job.
Ridiculously peaceful man! i'd love to hear the rest of the song.
the chords were prefect but as Slaytanic said, i'd use the closed high hat. it'd just sound that much better! really nice!
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yeah i thrid that, change it to a closed hi hat. but personall i think a ride (51) and then half way throgh change again to a ride bell (53). the chords were honestly amazing. this is the type of music that i really really enjoy listening to. in fact if you put this on a ep. id buy a copy off you and pay for the packaging and stuff of corse. anyway. the use of bass is really affective. personally i think that is how the bass should be used. im really exited to here you heavy part and would appreicte it if you could pm me when u finish it. also the 11/8 bar is really cool.


it would be ausm it you would give some word about mine


I'm impressed loved the chords, love the bass line, however ... lol I won't comment on the hihat thing as its been said already a million times. If you follow this with just the right riff then you have a damn cool song going. There is a lot of potential and promise in this nice little thing. Keep working on it for sure!

I'm sorry I didn't have much else to say, or anything useful for that matter, but I just wanted to encourage you. You're on to a winner.

If you feel I deserve a return crit then this where you will find me...

if not then don't worry about it I'm not damanding at all
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First off, that's brilliant .
Other than the drums, which other people have said, I can imagine starting to fall asleep to this, then the heavy line coming in :P.
I'm actually in the process of learning your bassline now, it's really cool. Really nice chord choice, and though the drums don't fit, that's easily changed .

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