i have a md-2 mega distortion and how gnar would it be if i also got a big muff or tube screamer?
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It would be good to do either or
but runnuing both of them at once would sound muddy & terrible
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not gnar.

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what amp are you running them through ?
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Dude, try using less noise machines & better technique. White noise & mud is NOT teh coolz.
Use only one OD or dist box at a time.
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what amp are you running them through ?

marhsall MG15MSII microstack
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well, that would most likely sound like a car crash mixed with a fight between two cats in an aluminum trash can
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
So very gnar. Dude.
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LOL, yeah.

Uhm, get a new amp.

Just incase that hasn't been totally established yet.
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