Hey this poem isnt supposed to scare anyone as far as the satan part. I had just watched something on youtube and it made me write

The ocean of shadows

Words can be whispered
Words can be screamed
Words what do they mean

Says the young man
father i worship the devil
quoth the old man
son that is the devil speaking not you
But father ive sold the black ocean blue
Because satan lives inside of you
You must never stop and hide
Once you sell your soul to him you will always bide
Sweet satan spare me for thou is not worthy
Young man you will make a fine asset to my demonic army
Yes sir anything you wish
about what now does thou desire
I desire to perrish in fire
where my soul can remain alive
father satan will protect it
Destroy what is right
create what is wrong
Life is too long
But none of it matters
Cause the ocean of shadows