i'm new on that of the amp, i'm begginer and i have a amp hartke g15,this amp its ok for now, i only play on my house and i don't need another more powerfull, i want to have a tone to play these song:

-iron man-Black Sabbath
-FCPREMIX-The fall of troy
-Sunshine of your love-cream
-Paranoid-black sabbath
-One-Metallica (I can't play the solo but the song its beautiful)
-Seven nation army-white stripes

and songs like that, My amp have these controls:


The amp have 2 channels the first one clean with bass and treble, and the second one crunch, individual volume with bass and treble.

All controls have a swicht begin on 1-10 can you tell me what i need select to have that tones i want and can you explain what i need to know for find the tone by myself.

And can you recomend guitar effects, i want to buy my first one.

Excuse my english, IM FROM SPAIN, i don't are native english speaker.
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Dude, just put everything on 5 to start and adjust from there. Bass will probably end up being a bit higher. Use the Guitar Tabs link at the very top left to find your songs. Hit the strings really hard and then mute with the back of your picking hand. Repeat.
For a beginner, I'm going to offer some semi-unusual advice.

Try something like a Digitech rp250 or Line 6 POD.

Plug it into either your current amp, or better yet, hook it into a home stereo... not a little computer speaker set-up, but a decent home stereo/theater system.

You will NEVER emulate a good 4x12 cab with a little 8" speaker very well.

You will be able to get all of the sounds your looking for an many more. BEST part is that you can play the music you want to learn on the same speakers your playing on...this helps you learn how to dial a tone in by matching a real tone, NOT matching what you remember it sounding like.

Often you will remember a sound from a song, and try to match what you remember...and it will sound pretty good to you...until you play along with that music. MOST often people will cut too much mid-range out (the guitars mixed with the bass sounds heavier than what the guitar sounds like...you need to find JUST guitar tones...the bass player will handle more of the lows)

Also, multi effects processors give you a wide range of distortion and effects pedals. Find the ones you use the most, those are the ones to look at if/when you upgrade to some serious gear for playing gigs.
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Since you are a beginner you are okay. Just focus on learning guitar. Get a digitech multi fx unit with an expression pedal.