Well lately i've been wanting to get a new guitar and i know that i want a les paul.
Problem is i've been tossing and turning on which to buy,
I'm leaning towards the Epi LP Ultra-II because of that acoustic sounding effect that it has, but i'm not sure.

If anyone has any experience with this guitar could you help me out?
Also if anyone knows a better epi lp for the same price speak up.
Thanks UG!
do a quick search, there's a whole explanation of it in another post. Search "Les Paul Ultra" and it should come up.
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hi, i own an epi les paul ultra II. its a very solid guitar, and i haven't had any problems with it in the 5 months i've owned it. I actually did buy it because of the nanomag acoustic pickup, however i find that i don't use it as often as i thought i would, only when i play songs like the intro to stairway or nothing else matters. Still the guitar has a great tone otherwise, and its a lot lighter than an epi standard. but if i had gone back i think i would have just got the ultra I (same thing minus the acoustic pickup) and saved 100 bucks.