the action on my acoustic was too high, so my guitar tech told me to remove the saddle and sand it, and i got it where i wanted, and im like how about just a LITTLE bit more..and that little bit more ruined the action of the guitar past the like 9th fret, so unless theirs away to fix that without a new saddle, i think a new saddle is in order(hey, we learn from mistakes!)...anyway i need a place that sells alot of different sizes, so i can find my size(which i dont happen to have on my right now)...Thanks
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You might try cutting a strip from a buisness card and stick it under the saddle. If that doesn't work, most music stores should have replacement saddles in stock. Or you can order one from Stewart/McDonald.
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Yeah I agree, now that you're 'too low' just use something to act as shims to get it where you like. Cutting little strips from a credit card or similar is a great idea.