Is it safe to use Lysol Disinfectent Wipes to clean my guitar?... It said not to use on plain or polished woods, but does it really matter.
they leave a crappy grease-esque film on the painted part, but it doesn't harm it.

don't use them on the fretboard.
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how about the neck and/or headstock?

if you see bare wood, then don't do it.
this isn't hard to figure out, unpainted maple necks, headstocks, and fretboards are almost always bare wood.
The disenfectant wipes should dry out bare wood and leave nasties on finished wood... it's "doable," but the end result won't be good.
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Just dish out the small amount of cash for the Dunlop 65 kit. Works great and won't leave a film or **** up your fretboard.
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