so i hear people say that limiting your playing to only one genre is a really bad move, why is this?
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broadens your musical creativity, makes you more open to different styles of play, diversifies your musical understanding etc etc etc.
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as a musician you should be open to play anything. thats the reason why. but to be fair, if you want to learn different genres, then only play that one and not anything else then incorporate into a style you already know.
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You really can't imagine why that's a bad idea?

I'm working on this right now, the more music and the more types of music you listen too expand your range of music and style and help give you originality in your playing instead of playing the same stuff over and over again. It's always good to mix things up a bit, if you don't, then you never grow any or get better.
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It is like studying only one subject in school or only eating one kind of food or only seeing one color or only playing one note; it just doesn't work. Diversify yourself.
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It doesn't just expand your creative horizons, but there's lessons to be learned from all over. If you play nothing but punk... what do you learn? Root notes? If you play nothing but jazz and blues, what do you learn? Walking basslines and scales? (that doesn't sound bad at all). If you play nothing but country, what do you learn? Nothing but 5ths?

If you play all sorts of genres of music, you learn a lot more about music as a whole and can apply all of those lessons to your playing. There are several bassists that if you hear them, you can tell that they're not limited by their genre. Geddy Lee, Dan Andriano, Jaco Pastorius (I spelled that wrong, didn't I?) all take cues from several style to achieve a sound that surpasses the genre of music that they play. If you wanted to be a Pete Wents or Mark Hoppus or Cliff Burton or Ean Evans, then by all means, focus on one genre and one genre alone... but by playing and learning the styles of several genres, you can apply that to you playing and make your sound and playing unique.
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