Im getting fairly good at reading tabs now, i know what almost everything means, but these things still confuse me.

1) Sometimes there are chord names above tabs, like this-

Bm Gmaj7 Bm

What does that mean?

2) Where do you slide from when it shows this? Anywhere? Or am I missing something?


3)What do I do when I see this?


Does it mean I pluck 4th, bend it until it sounds like 6th, tehn release it back to 4th? When I realease it, do I completely let go, or just bend it back down quickly?
1) It means your playing notes that come out of those chords

2) you slide up from anywhere you like, but preferably a note off the scale, obviously.

3) yes you bend to 6 then release, how quick or slow you release it will be determined by the song your playing, listen to it and you'll know

hope that helps
The first one really confused me at first too. Maton got it right. Those are the chords your fretting hand should be making.