Alright, so I'm close to purchasing my 2nd electric which is a PRS Paul Allender. Irrelevant. However, I've been finding myself using my classical guitar more often to play songs. I do a lot of picking and the neck on my classical is FAT. So I'm looking for a nice acoustic guitar that's durable. My price range is probably $300 at the most $500. Thanks.
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well, i could suggest a yamaha f-310 but its much cheaper than your budget, so i'd assume you want a better guitar. Mind you, it has a beautuful tone.
maybe some cheaper epiphone acoustic?
I've seen the guitars, I just want to like narrow down the list.
Thanks Ikarian, I'll look into it.
have you checked out Blueridges, yet?

I've got the BG-40 (the laminate back Gibson copy) and it's amazing. The Blueridge necks are a little slimmer, so they're closer to electric guitars. It's really hard to find them in stores, but if you can find a store that has 'em, definitely check them out. They're worth at least looking at.

I gotta tell you, when I was shopping for a new acoustic, I was having a hell of a time finding one I truly loved until I stumbled upon the Blueridges. I was comparing a Carlos Robellie jumbo, Epiphone Masterbuilts, Martin low-ends, Ovation Ultras, the Blueridge BG-40 and 60 and the Epiphone EJ-160, and I couldn't get past the Blueridge. It had a stunning finish, was gloss all over (instead of that wierd satin that feels unfinished), had a nice fast neck and sounded amazing. I remember what my ex said the day I got it, I took it to her apartment up in Wisconsin and was playing it on her couch while she was in the bathroom, she came out and said, "wow, even from inside the bathroom, that guitar sounds amazing."

So, I'd suggest giving them at least a try.
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If you can, try to find a Breedlove AD20/SM. They're discontinued, but incredible guitars. Won an award for 'Best Acoustic' by Guitar Player I believe...
But check them out, you should find one for $400 (If people are still selling them)
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actually, I was looking at those, as well. They're fairly nice guitars, not the best of the bunch, but they do look cool and have great sound. I can't speak for how well built they are (as I've never owned an Epiphone acoustic guitar) but I can tell you that the tuners are fairly subpar and if you replace the nut, saddle and pins with bone or tusq products, it will improve the tone of the instrument. I almost bought one back in the winter, but I ended up getting a tele instead, sometimes I wish I got the Hummingbird.

What are you using this for? Just bedroom playing or you gonna do shows and such with it?
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.
I love Martins, even the low-end stuff, but that post about Blueridge is dead on, they got some good stuff.
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