I just re-stringed my Jackson RR3 with heavy strings and tuned it to D standard. So what are some good songs to learn that are in D Standard. Genres: Classic Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal.

Only songs I can think of are Sad But True by Metallica and the band Death. Any suggestions?
Symphony X would be good to play.
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All Nightmare Long by Metallica
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Sad but true by metallica, scream aim and fire

also yay for D standard best tuning ever
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Ya I know D Standard is great, dark, heavy, and great for distorted tones, but not to the point where you need distortion to cover up how floppy the strings sounds (*C standard, Drop B, Drop C, and A standard). But to me the tuning isn't what makes the song/riff sound cool, it's the tone. If the distortion sucks, then the riff will suck.