G'day I have a bass guitar that seems to buzz uncontrollably, especially when i touch the strings or bridge. It's a school one so I thought I'd give it a go at fixing it.

Upon examination, I found that some of the wires were loose, so I lugged them up and presto! should work.

Or not. The buzzing is still there. Is it worth it just taking it to the music shop and seeing what they think (especially since its a $150AUD guitar) or just buying a brand new one. The brand of the guitar is SX so it's a generic P-bass copy. If it's terminal, I'll use it to make a project bass (WOO) so any option is cool with me.

honestly? Check out the wiring diagrams as seymour duncan and wire it up like that. Should solve most buzzing issues. I've never had an issue with any "humbucking" pickup giving me buzzing problems, 'specially in a P-bass. Probably just not sending the ground to actual ground.

I might also suggest digging a screw into the body in the cavity and ground to that as well, just to make sure your ground goes to ground (does that make sense?)
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Haha no my music teacher bought it at Dicksons Music in Sydney I think

But cheers for the help anyways
your wires are reversed on the output jack. (That's the most common case when this happens...) Switch the shield to ring and hot to tip.
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Sounds like a grounding problem, not sure, but thats my guess.
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