So I wanted to learn slow dancing in a burning room and sing it for this girl i really love. Problem is, i can't sing and play at the same time.. Any help at all? Also, any help on learning the guitar bit would be really great.
well, from that last sentence, it sounds like you're having trouble playing the song on guitar just by itself. would you rate yourself as a beginner on guitar? slow dancing isn't exactly a 'go to' song for beginners because there are some reasonably fast licks in there.

i'd suggest learning the guitar parts without trying to sing at the same time first off. on the side, find some songs that are just chords in terms of guitar and trying singing and playing those. when your coordination gets better, increase the difficulty of the guitar. this could take you a while, but that's what you're going to have to do.

are you playing slow dancing on acoustic or electric? i can recommend you a few songs to start off with, and what to progress onto if you tell me which.
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I'd say I'm an early intermediate guitarist, but I'm sure I have the technique down to play it. What I meant by help was, where to go with it. Because I don't know how to go about learning the song. 'Cause I'll probably be playing it for her with just my electric. The song's got like 3 guitars, a bassist and a drummer.

Also, It'd be really helpful if you could suggest me some songs that'd get me started on singing and playing
ok, basically most 4 chorded songs (Am F C G) (G D Em C)
so stuff like 'hallelujah'
'opportunity' - Pete murray
'slide' - goo goo dolls
'wonderwall' - Oasis
just search your library for chord strumming types of songs
mind you this stuff ive just said isnt too technical, theres some parts where he hits certain stuff, but you will get used to it. Wonderwall will just be a challenge to remember the words and chords.
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Any ideas on what do with the song? Guitar wise?

You could just strip the song down to its basic chord progression of C#m7, A, and E. The only trouble you might have is with the C#m7 but a little bit of practise should fix that
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Can someone please tell me what the guy in the video is playing? It sounds like the best way to play it with one guitar.
this guy uses a capo, but it you wanna match John Mayer's playing, play it standard without it..

some chords:

Abm7: 4x444x
Dbm7: x46600

(pluck chords)
Abm7 Amaj7 Abm7-F#m7-E (repeat)

Badd4 Dbm7 Asus2 (2)
Dbm7 Abm7-F#m7-E
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