i tried to post a blog and it didn't work. the text didn't show up. now i can't delete it or even edit it. i wanna delete it and just repost it. how can i get rid of a blog i don't want or if a mod reads this could you just delete it for me? it's the one titled Enough is Enough. thank you.
You should post this in the Site Feedback forum, under Bug Reports. The UG programmers check it out regularly, so they should be able to fix it for you. Alternatively, PM the programmers yourself - the person responsible for profile bugs is Till From Kenig.

But of course, they're not in office during weekends, so they'll reply no sooner than Monday...
My blogs won't even post, it's been like this for two weeks - I think the websites a bit bug-ered.
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Hey guys, if you are copy/pasting from MS Word, please DON'T.

That has been known to produce bad code that locks up the blogs.

skaterskagg1, I see you found the Official Ultimate Guitar Profiles BUGS thread that's good. That is where these issues belong. I've contacted Dmitry via PM, so he'll be sure to see your post there soon. But he might not be in til Monday as ZeG said.

decayingdave, you should post your problem in that same thread, please?

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