This game has some intense guitar work, i recommend looking at the whol album, it is amazing. however one song sticks in my head, slightly cheesy, but its just epic in so many ways. a tab would be appreciated so much.

Youtube: Road to Hope

in all honesty the whole OST is worth tabbing but this one song is the best i feel
heya I realize that you posted a long while back.

I'm not currently working on road to hope, but I am finishing up on Jin's theme "Lust SIN" and also plan to work rebellion and Under heaven destruction next. I'll keep in mind the credit theme )) matter of fact I like that one too so I may consider doing it next.

add me or subscribe to my youtube account my user is redoubt9000 if ya like ^_^
yea this song really needs a tab its so hype, lust sin has been tabbed at least and that is one f'N bad ass song.

We need ragna's theme and also noels would be darn good I love hers bullet dance FTW XD
I would tab Ragna's theme but im a noob using guitar pro, though i dont have the whole song, i just can't wait for Hakumen theme or Arakune's :P
Yeah been on hiatus for a few weeks as my pops is getting ready to be deployed, and all chaos that goes on beforehand for his unit XD So I've been helping him with what I can so that he can focus on work.

I'm finally back home so in a few days I'll be getting back to tabbing those songs.

Yeah I can't think of Hakumen's theme off the top of my head but arakune's def.
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I would kill for some thin red line and imperial code

thin red line has at least the intro finished, but I'm still trying to finish up road to hope. Atm nothng is getting done with the start of the semester, and I'm also trying to put together my system and move on to a quad core based system. having troubles out of my cpu and I'll be busy reinstalling everything once I have it all setup, and with studies.

So unless there someone else tabbing these, then sry for the wait 8*(

not to mention I've been trying like hell to get a desirable tone out of my amp sims. I heard posts of those with no post processing and they sound incredible despite being all digital, and for some reason I can go by the same exact specs as they and still not come close. The only ting I can think of is maybe they're using active humbuckers whereas I'm still stuck with my stock single coils :P