I'm sick of the feeling of 9s on my guitar now, they're just too thin and floppy so I'm going to put some 10s on instead but before I do I just have one quick question....

It's a strat style guitar, so is re-balancing the trem the only thing I'll have to do?

What a coincidence I was just about to ask a similar Question. Basically, my guitar teacher told me to go up to 10's for a better tone and for faster playing....will there be a noticable difference in the feel?

Also, you probably will only need to rebalance the trem its not a MAJOR tension increase so your neck won't warp or anything
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It might not be as radical a change as you think but you'll still be able to feel it, i prefer 10s myself too, they just feel more powerful. There is little need to change anything on the guitar but yes just re balance the trem slightly.
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Thanks guys!

And yeah, there's only a slight difference but I find it makes fast legato play a lot easier (one of my other guitars has 10s on)