I'm not sure what to make of this; every time I read it I feel differently about it.
Need a heads up, be as critical as I know you can be, and tell me where I went wrong (because I know I did.)

This was written in about an hour or so and I know it needs to be (and will be) improved.

If you never walk out of step or out of line
Then you'll never be able to satisfy
That echo in your head
That rings in and out of time

So I'll live my life how I live my life
And I'll bring together the days gone by
Those trialed tasks took the test of time
And we found that there's never an easy way out

No easy way out
No easy way out
No easy way out

In this crazy little world with all its twists and all it's twirls, well
Who are we to say that we will live to see daylight again?
I'd rather die than be stripped of my right
To throw my life away

And through all the fights and all the hurt
No matter the blood that stains this shirt
A tantilising trick or treaty
To give and take from sick and needy
People who have learned first-hand
That no matter how hard you try
There never ever (ever never) is an easy way out

No easy way out
No easy way out
No easy way out

A placebo for my ego washed down with a cool cup of so-so
Am I supposed to feel alright so long as you keep it out of sight?
'What you don't know won't hurt ya'
But 'Knowledge is power'
And I really don't know what I'm supposed to believe

But through all the death and all the pain, we will just rebuild again
Brick walls built on memories of those who fought to keep the peace
Engraved with "I don't care what you think of me"
I think I finally found an easy way out

An easy way out
An easy way out
An easy way out
the chorus is an easy way out, the rest sounds pretty good to me though just depends on the music its done over, I can hear a metal background to it
I was thinking of doing it as a little acoustic ditty, and you're right, I do need a decent chorus.
Completely OTS idea;

Shed a tear 'cause our world is dead
It's too late 'cause no-one cares
Shed another 'cause the man can't see
How easy society could crumble at his feet

I know it's bad but I'm tired and really can't think at the moment.
Any ideas yourself?