well the pedal broke last year and i have been without it for about 3 months. i finally got it back. while gets mountains more gain than my amp (vox ac15) i feel it sounds muddy, harsh and unresponsive in comparison. it is very nice to finally have a metal/shred tone again but i feel this tone lacks the magic that my amp has. comparing the two with an equivalent setting, the blackstar sounds cheap.

any opinions?
Well I must admit I don't like the HT pedals; not the distortion ones anyway, I've never tried the overdrive.
If you want a higher gain tone then buy an overdrive pedal; it doesn't distort the signal itself, it actually pushes your preamp harder achieving more natural preamp gain while (as long as your pedal has a transparent tonality) retaining your natural amp tone. Run one in front of your already distorted amp with the gain down to 0 and the volume at 10 for a great boost.
Not sure how this would sound with a Vox though.
Try an AMT Dist station, I tried one with my AC15 and it sounded pretty good. Although the lead sound sounded trebley (gonna change tubes and maybe remove bright cap)
I have the HT-Dual, and I don't really like the distortion channel, but the blackstar overdrive is brilliant. Distortion sounds somewhat muddy and not dynamic, but the overdrive channel is very clear and dynamic, it works the best with a tube amp I think.
i find that overdrive doesnt work with my amp for the sound i want. it makes my amp sound bright and loose. the only thing it really works for is blues/rock leads. as much as i prefer overdrive pedals to distortion pedals, my amp doesnt agree with them.