I need picks for a fast gallop rythm, I hear 1mm Ultex is the way to go. So far I've only played Tortex picks and I was wondering if there's that big of a difference. Any Ultex fanatics here? :]
just try them out and you'll see what you like.
I prefer 0.60 Tortex but I play power chords and this kind of stuff.
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What the hell?

Are the pics colour coded or something for rigidity or what?

Seriously this would be helpful, i use 1mm Black Nylon Jim dunlop picks, and some awesome Clayton USA pick 0.94mm thick and i have no idea what the difference is.

EDIT: Oh cool the clayton is made of of ultem? is that good.

Incase you hand't worked it out, yes i am a complete noob.
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Ultexes are better, IMO, but Tortexes are slightly more grippy. Ultex never bends either.
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i use brain picks i think.. i cant use my tortexes they slip out of my hand way to much.. i like picks with the grips on them
I love the firmness of ultex, but I also love tortex.
I use both.
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I actually really like Dunlop Nylon Standards with the grips on them.
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