Hey i just tuned my guitar 1/2 step down + E string 1 step lower

So i have C# - G# - C# - F# - A# - D# on my guitar

Is it called C# tuning ? I guess not cuz then my other strings would have to be 1 step lower too ?

.....ok if someone can name it, thanks )

Also, what bands use this tuning ?
Thanks in advance
Dropped C# tuning in fact ^^ i like to use it
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Quote by Capt_Clarkson
Dropped C tuning

....I think

Yeah I think that's it.
C# is C# F# B E G# C#, Between the Buried and Me tuning
I might be wrong..

Edit: Assuming Capt_Clarkson meant Dropped C#
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Its C# tuning, dropped C will be if you go another 1/2 step down. Don't retune your guitar too frequently, changing from C# to normal too often can cause dmg to your neck. Although changing from E to D is no problem coz you only drop one string :}
It's dropped C#. Like dropped D down half a step. Enter Shikari use that tuning.
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Linkin Park used that tuning for hybrid theory and meteora, then they used drop D for MtM, but they did use this tuning for No More Sorrow.
Some System of a Down songs use it. I think B.Y.O.B and Sugar are in that tuning...but they might just be in normal drop C.
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Its DROP C#...not just c#...c# is tuning all the strings down 1.5 steps....the tuning you have is drop c#...where you only tune the low string down 1.5 steps...the rest are only 0.5 steps down.