Hi i found a rg2550z in a guitar shop. it has minor flaws on body nothing too serious. the paint got off .5 cm at both bottom of the guitar and top but i can close them. also it has a hit at the bottom which not bigger than a small finger nail. so should i get this guitar? the guitar is normally 1450 dollars in my country and now i can get it for like 650 dollars. i tried it but since im no fan of floyd rose i will probably block it. ive also tried a jackson sl3 but this was muchhh better. so what are your opinions?

sorry for bad english. im really excited now..
Get it! 650 dollars is pretty awesome for the current price in your country.

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It's excellent, do it.
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BTW i will probably want to use it more like a hard tail. so will buying a tremol-no work for me? is it a good piece of equipment?
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ive already have a thread for that but what does edge zero do? guess it doesnt work like a tremol-no so i could change the strings and tuning with ease.
get it

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