I've got a little Yamaha GA-15 practice amp (a newer model than in some of the instruction manuals available, it has a mids EQ knob as well as treble and bass), which is currently all I have, as I'm not working with a huuuuge budget, and it's all I need at my skill level. Sadly, a few days ago, a problem arose. I had changed few, if any, settings, and suddenly, when I played


After the three open notes, my amp made this very loud humming/deep rumbling sound. This only happens with overdrive (I think). The thing is, before then, with very little difference in settings, this hadn't happened, and when I changed the settings back, it continued. The only way to reduce the volume (as I'm worried about damage to my amp), is to change the "bottom" option on the overdrive/dist section of my Boss ME-50 down a lot, but then I can't always get the sound I'm after.

So, any ideas what's causing this, and how I can fix it/get it fixed?

P.S. I'd ask yamaha, but if anyone can figure out which support section on the yamaha website I should ask at, I'd be surprised, what with all of their amps now being under the Vox label (although I got mine after that occurred, in a package with my pacifica 112), my Yamaha amp doesn't fit into the available categories for service.

(By the way, sorry about any spelling mistakes, it's late, and I'm very tired.)
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Is your cable going bad? Try a different cable and report back.
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An interesting idea, I mean, I've broken cheap ones before, but that just killed my sound, but I'm using decent cables now, so I dunno. Sadly, cannot test till tomorrow (Australian time), because Everywhere in the house I could play it right now has someone asleep nearby, but thanks, I hadn't thought of that. Will check tomorrow.

Although, my cables are pretty decent, and nothing else has suffered, it's just that, so I dunno, but I am not an expert, so I dunno whether or not that means anything.

Any other ideas and such from anyone are still good too
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Nope, not the cables. Swapped the two cables in use with two others, the same thing occurs. Any more ideas?

Oh, I just found, it actually occurs when I play the 3 heaviest strings muted on the 1st fret, and also occurs in DADGBE tuning

i.e. D|-x
Played with the mutes on the first fret, causes the large humming/thump, after the normal thump sound you get from playing that.

The thumping is lessened when I lower the bottom or distortion settings on the distortion pedal of my settings, but I like to keep those both rather high, so it's quite problematic. It's not like I've changed my settings there from before it occurred.


EDIT: I think it's the overdrive system in my Boss ME-50, cos if I use the crap amp OD, no THUMP. On the upside, I just bought a fuzz factory, so I won't be using the BOSSes Distortion any more, and if its from going through the boss, I might have to OD it after the boss, which I know won't sound great, but ah well, I'm crappy anyway.
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