Maybe this isnt new but I need the help anyway...
This may sound stupid but...I usually play sitting, and I do fine. Good precision, speed, etc. but when I stand up I just get sloppy like ****...Any ideas on how to improve my playing while standing?

Playing while standing will generally help improve your skills when you're playing while standing.
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adjust your guitar strap: start it relatively high (or wherever its comfortable) and then move it down little by little to your desired level

If you don't have a strap, there's your problem.
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yeah adjust your strap do when you stand its at about the same height as when you sit down then slowly adjust it to where you want it as you improve
Play standing more often.
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Adjust your strap so the guitar stays at the same level as you play when you are sitting.
And then play while you are standing! Speed problems and dead notes are common when you do this first but practice will take you closer to perfection.
It takes practice. I remember when I started at first it seemed impossible. But I practiced playing standing up every day, and after a month or so it felt natural. Now whenever I play it's always standing up, because it's more comfortable. When you get good at it, it'll seem even easier than playing sitting (IMO), because you'll have more maneuverability when you're standing.

And do what these guys said about the strap. Wear it high at first, at the level that's comfortable to you. Don't worry about looking cool by wearing it low. I did this at first and it made it hard to play. Wear the strap so the guitar's at the same level as when you sit. Once you get comfortable with the strap at that level, you can slowly lower it to taste, over time.