Ok so I've been playing guitar for abour 2 years now and I'm pretty good at the simple stuff, chords, singing with chords and so on I like to think that as opposed to being a fast player I'm a perfectionist and what I do play sounds good, but I gotta start to make the jump to faster, more complex playing.

I was wondering if you had any tips of stuff that I could try learning at the mo the hardest song I can play Id say is either Beast and the Harlot, Sweet Child O Mine stuff like that...
and when you mean you know how to play these song, is it with or without solo?
Edit: I'd say practice some scales, start slowly, do finger exercises, there are pretty good lessons here on UG. The main thing is to get it down perfectly at a slow speed and thne build up slowly.
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Lol I was about to edit it saying as in the chrous and verse no solos! Except the intro to Beast and the sort of bridge solo of SCOM.

I guy solo wise the hardest i can do is Poison - Talk Dirty To Me

essentially I think i need to improve on my speed and faster fretting...I think!
Play satch boogie. You might want to slow down the tempo and go up from there. It's pretty complex, and fun to play. Also, try little wing.
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