I want to clean up the lead parts a bit more but yeah let me know how good, bad or neutral it is.

Sorry about the middle part getting messy, I tried to blend the two lead guitar parts but there was a lot of static.
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I liked that the chords weren't predictable but still sound interesting and not too far out
You lead guitar is decent and your def on the right track i think but you should work on that more. With what i heard in that track it sounds like you free style improv on the lead, which if you are is pretty good. But if you want to make something more of this track (which I don't think would be hard, you have good groundwork) you should
sit down and explore some more lead possiblities. Try some octave jumps and playing different modes on the fretboard. But don't get me wrong
most of the lead is interesting, I like it. at 0:50 you need some sort of change to keep ADD minds attentive.
very nice, reminds me of Pink floyd. But as Johnny said, you may want to liven it up at some point and bring the lead in sooner. Add a bass maybe? it may just be my computer, but the didn't sound too good either
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