So our band has about 3 full songs written, along with an intro/outro. We have a show April 4th. Our singer's former band had the show booked, but since they've broken up, we're going to play it. (It was just a battle of bands anyway)

So, since we've less than a month before our first show, we kind of want some people to know us and attend, so we have a myspace set up and all that. However, we dont have any music recorded to put up on it. We also dont really have the $$ to go and get a short CD made, so is there an easy way we can record ourselves at practice or something?

Our other guitarist has a huge mixer (like 24 channels) so is there some way we can hook that up to do it?
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yeah, we have mics so we could do that i guess, but what else do we need to actually record it?
Ibanez Xiphos XPT700
Laney VH100R
Epi Les Paul (SH-1 '59 neck, SH-11 custom custom bridge)
plug everything into the mixer, and send the output of that to a computer with a decent soundcard and recording software (audacity will do) and you're set.

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ull need something to save the recording onto

what kind of mixer is it? is it analogue or didigtal? if its digital it might ave built in hard drive/cd writer, if its analogue it wont and ud need an external hard drive....or can run it thru the mixer and then out into a pc, where u can save it for. But for this you will need an audio interface to make it possible for you to connect the mixer to the pc.
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I have a Boss Br-600. About $400 (a little pricey but far less expensive than sufficient studio time). My last band never got a full song sufficiently recorded but I did use the onboard mics to record the drums and it sounded pretty good (better than expected). Just a suggestion. Plugging the mixer in the computer is also an option but you'll need to fully mic the drums.