im thinking of getting a wah pedal since most of the song i like to play it in there...and because it sounds awesome.

anyways, dont really wanna get ripped off and get a crappy one, or a really expensive one.

anybody have any ideas on a good priced pedal?
im waiting for the dunlop kh95 kirk hammett sig wah, comes out in april i think
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The Crybaby wahs are pretty good, I own the Crybaby GCB95 and it's great.
the ibanez weeping demon is pretty sick. and it also sounds badass with bass too. very versitile. i love it.
but, it might be somewhat pricy. 100$ CAD. Then again, i've seen crybaby's go for more...
I got my wah, new, for £17.99 on ebay
It's really nice
"Daphon" is the brand
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I've got a Ibanez WD7 (Weeping demon) and I love it, it is very versatile and goes for guitar AND bass. And I got it for under under 95€ so it's not very expensive either, in my opinion at least <.<
ultimate wah thread
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What's your budget and what styles dyou play? Also, check out the Ultimate Wah thread.
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i got a bad horsie 2 used for 75 euros. fantastic for high gain stuff!
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dimebag wah. you might not like the look but it is flat out the best dunlop you can get. (except the rackmount one).

There is a three band eq and a boost switch on the side. plus the skateboard tape on top helps you grip it a lot better than a regular wah.
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i find cry babys to be a bit... meh. theyre awful thin and dont have all that much range...
what kind of music do you play TS?
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dude you have a razorback explosion?!?!
im so jealous

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