i been going back and forth between these two guitars

i know the gibson might be better but then i was thinking, is low end gibson just as good as high end epiphone?

i mean if im going to get about 90% of the guitar(gibson) for much less with a nice finish, then i may aswell

does anyone own either or both, i would like to hear some views

ive got about £600 to spend (wont pay all that for epi) , if anyone thinks theres anything similar/better
definately get the lp studio its just as good as any other lp but without the binding and other small features that dont make a difference
check out the Epi Les Paul Elitist. Better than both IMO. They are discontinued, but you can still find em. Sounds better than the Studio and I think it plays a little better too. But there are some nice studios if you can't find/don't want an elitist. My friend has a sweet one.
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Generally, a Gibson is going to be better made than an Epi. As always I would suggest playing both, and if the Epi feels better to you - inspect it closely. Check for any flaws that might hamper your enjoyment of the instrument, and if you decide that it's better for you - go for it, you'll have cash for something else too.
But if you don't really feel a big difference skewing you towards one - get a Gibson, the brand guarantees better quality.
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i think to me atleast, the epi feels better.

slimmer neck.

but the gibson definately sounds better not by alot.

persanally id go with what plays better, and if its the epi just change the pups.
I would go with the LP Studio.

The Zakk Wylde one is nice, but there is something that doesn't feel right about playing somebody else's signature model.
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the finish is most definatly drawing me closer to the epiphone,but i could just be blinded by it lol

i know the sound will be better on the gibson but if its not by much then maybe epiis for me, does anyone know how much the epi zakk wyldes usually sell for, i can get studios for about £600 700 which seems reasonable
The neck on the ZW is unpainted so it's a bit faster than the Studio if that is something you like.
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