Musician's Friend just slashed the price on the reg. razorback v down to 600 bucks, with a case. I've got roughly $800 to spend.
I play through a Line 6 AX2 with various pedals.
I've played the guitar and like it, but I'm still open to alternatives. I play metal, Trivium, Cob, BTBAM, and the like.
I play guitar in a ska band.
Modded MIM Strat > Fender Tuner > Bugera V55HD > Custom built 2x12
You cant go wrong with it I got mine for $300 and it is one of my top guitars, But I changed out the L.Floyd for an OFR. and put in a set of SD blackouts.
IMO, the razorback Vs are terribly overdone now. If you want to look original go with another angular guitar shape (Like an ESP EX, a Jackson V, BC Rich Ironbird, etc.).

But hey, if you wanna get a razorback V, that's your choice, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it.