Im getting a new guitar soon, and thinking about an Epiphone firebird. Only i play some metal and punk, and was wondering if it can get good sounds for this.
I love firebirds but its not great for metal. you can get some pretty good distortion sounds with them though (I think Dave Grohl used to use one in the foo fighters)
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Firebirds can only handle distortion to a point. i wouldn't recommend one for metal, but they do punk pretty well.
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Personal opinion? they are horrid, my mate had one, played it a few times and the more i played it the more i hated it for its little flaws. For metal? I wouldnt bother to be honest. Hit up an Ibanez?
honestly i dont think a guitar is limited to anything.

i always find it absurd when people say, no it cant do metal, or jazz, or blues or whatever.

mainly IMO it all has to do with the amp, then your pups, and then your guitar.

call me stupid but thats what i think.

unless its completely unplayable, like lets say its set up horribly wrong then yah it would be limmited.
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The Epi FB Studios come with Alnico V humbuckers, which are all-around good humbuckers. I think it would work for a lot of styles, if you have the correct amp/pedals.
I had one, had to sell for some $$$. Loved the neck.
Firebirds own. Change the humbuckers though, they're not that high output. Maybe a Seymour Duncan Full Shred in bridge and Jazz in neck would do.

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