so im looking for a right budget way to record from my guitar but i want my effects in there too some help please
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Line 6 pocket pod

or a full sized one.

but do you have any sort of recording software or hardware?
just curious wut your working with. cuz if you have a DAW of some sort i would say just mic your amp.
whats that unit worth and would a mic sound al that good with background noise and what not
I do mine reallly cheaply.
Guitar to Amp, Headphone socket on amp to mic input on laptop. Mixcraft 4 Trial. lolz.
Basically you just have your main rig, then plug your laptop into it on the way.

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this is a post. there are many like it but this one is mine


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this is what i use.


into my computer with a recording software on it. i reccomend powertracks pro audio if you want to buy something. i use my line out on the back of the amp and go into the tascam, so i can use the amp as a monitor. i like it.
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There is a number of ways to do this...

1st way:

2nd way:

Basically, you've got to go from a 0.25in cable to a 3.5mm cable; either method should work.

Once you've got the wiring, it's just a matter of selecting the right options in Audacity . The recording device should be the "line in".

Also, I think whatever you choose to plug in (amp/pedal) it has to be powered. I don't think just plugging in the guitar to the computer will work, but it certainly wouldn't hurt anything to try (unless you do something really stupid).

Good luck! Hope that helps.
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^tried that last night and it worked really well!
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You could go for a cheap method. I use the Mic that came with the PC, put that next to my amp and use the standard windows Sound Recorder (links in my profile to the sound quality)
It's nothing too fancy, you can add recordings on top of each other for rythym and solo's etc. Beats spending fair bit of money when i use it only for my purposes only, but then i guess it depends if you want near cd quality or something similar.