so a couple of weeks ago i got a set of seymour duncan blackouts installed in my ibanez. they sounded great and i was totally satisfied. about a week ago i noticed that both pickups are now tilted towards the neck (wasn't like that when i got it), i didnt notice any change in sound so it didnt really bother me until today when i noticed alot of feedback coming from my amp. after trying my other guitars on the amp and finding no feedback, i realised it likely has something to do with the pickups being tilted. anyone know how i can fix this? or should i bring it in to my local guitar store?
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You prolly just need to adjust the screws on the pickup holders.
Other than that, I'm not sure.
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My EMGs sometimes do that. What happens is they get a bit loose when they're tilted and vibrate on their own causing feedback.
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