So I've gotten pretty tired of trying to write prog metal style stuff, and oddly enough, metal all together. This is probably my last venture into metal for a while, as I've taken quite a liking to post-hardcore style stuff. I just feel like I'm not able to convey as much emotion through my music if I continue writing metal, which is something I really want to start focusing on more. I'm just going to take a break from it for a while, and start writing songs that are a little more dynamic and have a stronger emotional impact.

As for the song, I know some parts may seem repetetive, but with vocals it'll come around fine I think. I really tried to focus on writing strong piano melodies and the strings are pretty toned down, I didn't really focus on them as much as I usually do. So yeah, hope you guys enjoy
This was good, but one enormous flaw:

It was all expected. I expected every progression when listening through this, and expected every little nuance or drum beat. the verse was stereotypical in that I've heard that way too much. The leads were one of the only things I thoroughly enjoyed, as well as the piano. The solo was okay, but again...saw it coming.

Good song, but way too generic and expected:

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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
Holy crap. That was awesome. Every bit of it. All the riffs were great, the solo was great and the piano part ("Bridge" and "Verse II") was one of the most beautiful things I've heard. There's not really any part that I would change. As for it being predictable, perhaps some of the progressions and so on in "Verse I" and "Pre-chorus I" were a little generic in style but they more than made up for that by being so brilliantly written. I'm very impressed - please record this!

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I thought it was a great song, but I have to agree and say that it was pretty generic and all the progressions were expected. It sounded nice, but nothing mind blowing. The piano part in the middle was very good though and added a lot of emotion to what would have been an emotionless generic breakdown. As for your tiredness with writing metal, try to listen to more emotional metal bands like Symphony X. They're not overly techinical, and they still manage to be heavy, melodic, and at some times, even beautiful. Just don't quit. One listen of "Lady of the Snow" will surely change your mind.
I think this is an amazing song. Nice melodies, I ****ing LOVE the use of piano in the breakdown. You seem to be like me in the way that your leads are your major strength. That's a good thing, bro. It means you're meant to be the rockstar of the song. 8/10
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Nice work, dude. Really nice melodies in this song and nice use of piano and strings as well. Slaytanic was kinda right about it being predictable but despite that its still really nice. The solo was nicely made and i also liked the drums in this song. I would give it a 8.5/10

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Well, it was all good. But the glaring flaw, as slay pointed out, was that it was terribly predictable, and nothing I hadnt heard before. You could really do something awesome with an emotive proggy style, but its kind of starting to sound contrived.

Also, want an emotive band? Pain of Salvation.
Thanks for all the feedback everybody, and about the metal thing, I'm just sick of it all; trying to be creative and do original things that everyone on here likes. I really just want to start writing music that I like, regardless if people on here say it's predictable, or generic. Not everything I write is going to be perfect.

I'm sick of trying to impress everyone, I just don't have it in me anymore, I just want to write good music that I like and comes more naturally to me. I'm not going to abandon metal all together, I just need to go on a sort of hiatus from it, and explore some other genres, so I can expand my musical creativity and knowledge of incorporating more emotions and atmosphere into my music. I still appreciate everyone's thoughts though
lol i know what you mean man
everyones always so critical of your songs and give low(ish) marks, and you see laughable material on this site getting 10/10 lol
don't worry about the grades or whatever, just take what you can get from the crits...everyones just harsh cuz they expect perfection
anyways it was one of my fav of you because it was more "real" i guess
something you could do is maybe change the verse/prechorus around a bit, maybe just add 1 little extra thing in there i dunno
i like it man, do your own thing i know what it's like to always try and "impress" people haha
really liked the leads, especially in the verse and prechorus I, very cool rhythm throughout. personally, i'm not a fan of the piano use, but thats probably more of a genre preference. If it was a guitar playing the piano parts, I'd dig it, because the piano was playing some great melodies.
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Not to sound offensive, but you used to write music to impress people? Bad move. Just play whatever comes out of your hands, it's why I have 100 mediocre songs here and 10 good songs here.
R.I.P. Charles Michael "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner
B. May 13 1967 - D. December 13 2001

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cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
^No, It's just that when I wrote my last progressive style song, it kinda felt like that. Other then that I've always written stuff that comes to me naturally. If I force anything or try to make it sound a certain way so more people will like it, the music just comes out sounding bad, and I just scratch it. so yeah, and thanks for the feedback. And yeah Valo, I've been pretty obsessed with darkest hour lately haha
Dude, I like it. I'm critting as I listen and although it's somewhat predictable, the execution and placement gives the whole piece a really nice flow. Rhythmically alone, the song carries itself. I like the subtle piano. The bridge is really nice and peaceful. The only thing I guess I don't like is the verse. The other riffs seem more intricate and carefully crafted, and then the initial verse is pretty trite. All in all the song was ****ing epic though dude. Congrats; I enjoyed listening, and it was midi, so that should say something.

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