I would like to inform you, that I am very dissapointed by this thread

Play bass underwater to amuse me!
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Tie her up and drive her into some woods, pour petrol over her and then ask her if she wants you back.

Anyone in Birmingham, England meet up for a Jam?

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Hah, Just realised I probably shouldn't have named the thread the same thing. Admittadely the name apart from being a take from a mighty boosh episode, 'underwater funk' and what not, Was definately meant to catch the eye in that sense.
I apologise for misleading you sir.
Hi, take this as constructive criticism because these would be useful additions to the site as they are and better than much of the Bass stuff already up. I only looked at the first lesson.

The focus on the camera could be a little sharper.

The pace is good but you need to have a few fewer ums and ers. Try sticking a blackboard or notepad behind the camera with some prompts on it so you don't get lost in your own lesson. Its really hard to concentrate on your teaching,the guitar, the camera and everything all at once.

Have a look at lessons by Handsome Alvin (theres one on playing Lola on this site) I think this guy has it pretty well sorted in terms of presentation.

Keep at it and put them up for approval at some stage.
Thanks for the advice mate.

Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about the picture quality :S But I will definitely take the rest into account. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video's and post me some feedback.
Just a thought, if you get a bit more light into the room then the camera will 'stop down' and the focus will improve
Reiterating what was said earlier, the quality is just too rough.

I only glanced at a few of the lessons but overall they seemed pretty thorough and informative. The problem, though, is that it is just too difficult to keep track of the lesson with the sound and video quality that you have. Your accent was quite difficult to follow, (maybe that's just me though) your hands turned into blurs periodically, and your nervous tics were very noticeable.

I am not trying to discourage you but you may want to consider investing in some better equipment before you spend any more time recording in lo-fi.
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This is a guitar community not Romper Room.
I'd love to dude, but financially...I haven't a hope in hell. And I only get to record at night when my kid goes to bed, I'll have to rummage round and see if I can get some lamps or something. Thanks for the tips though.
With regards to my accent, It's hardly difficult to believe you find it difficult to understand. I get told most days by the people who live by me I have a very strong Welsh accent so If you're from Arizona and listening to me through a low quality recording it's hardly surprising it's a little difficult to understand what I'm saying.
Have you put any of these up for approval yet? I think you should try at least one, the content is really good and althought he camera isn't brilliant that people would use the lessons